Jo school

JoSchool tracking system is an integrated hardware and software solution that allows parents to track the school bus route remotely and conveniently. JoSchool is developed to ensure safe and reliable transportation process for school students.

JoSchool has two main components;  back end software developed for school's management uses, and a mobile application for parents' uses 

JoSchool Back end Software.

JoSchool back end software enables school management to do the below: 

1. Manage Bus, where user can view the own buses, add, edit, and delete buses.

2. Manage students by creating profiles for each student including their full information, pickup location, and drop off location. 

3. Manage routes, where the admin user can manage every bus with its associated route.

4. Track replay the track relate to each school bus in a specific time and date.  

5. View notifications and alerts for each bus trip. 

JoSchool Mobile Application


JoSchool is the first automated mobile application developed to ensure a safe and reliable transportation process for school students. The application is bilingual and available on both Google Play and IOS providing parents with the following features:

  • Monitoring the school bus live during morning and evening routes.
  • Defining permanent pick up and drop off locations.
  • Sending requests to school management to change pickup and drop off locations.
  • Defining onetime pick up and drop off locations.
  • Reporting absence cases.
  • Calling the bus assistance at any time.
  • Receiving notifications when bus leaves the school, prior to kid’s pickup and drop off.

You can download JoSchool using the below links: 

Google Play: JoSchool

Apple Store: JoSchool